How to Apply

1. Prepare the wall

Make sure that the surface is clean, smooth and free from dust.

2. Plan your design

Layout your design before applying the stickers to ensure the end result will be what you expect.

3. Apply your wall stickers

Smooth on with your hand, working diagonally across the sticker from one corner to another. Smooth out creases and bubbles as you go along.

4. Sit back and enjoy your new look

If you’ll need to remove the sticker it’s easy. Peel up an edge and slowly peel the decal off the wall. That’s it!
Extra adhesive products (Pritt Stick) that will not harm your wall like adhesive sprays and sticks may be used if needed.


Do not apply to walls that have been painted less than 6 weeks prior.

If you have ‘easy care’ or ‘washable’ type paint, with teflon/silicon ingredients, this paint is unsuitable for PVC stickers and they will not stick to this paint. This is your paint doing its job of ‘non stick’!

Do not apply to walls that are damaged, cracked or chipped.

Do not place near a heat source like direct sunlight or a radiator.

Do not place on damp walls.

Please ensure wall is not textured, smooth and clean of dust.

Do not leave stickers rolled up in a tube for long periods. This will cause them to curl and loose their adhesive qualities.  Please remove them and lie flat as soon as they arrive.

Most importantly never place stickers within reach of small children and babies in case of choking hazard.

Please read our full FAQ section for full details on paint and surface suitability.