Sparking Your Child's Creativity during Lockdown

Sparking Your Child's Creativity during Lockdown

 Life is extraordinary at the moment and we are all being impacted in different ways, especially kids. We have put together a list of ways that you can help your child's creativity, even during lockdown with a routine or lack of a routine!

1. When your child asks for help, instead of answering with an answer or doing it for them, give them an opportunity to problem solve. Ask them what they think they should do and encourage all their answers, especially if their idea is out of the box.

2. Play with your child and instead of guiding the play, follow their lead. It will allow you to to gain some insight into their imagination and is a way for kids to release stress also.

3. Break out from routine (even during lockdown!) and see if there are areas within your 5km that you haven't explored before.

4. Turn on the music, whether it is during breakfast or before bed. Ask your child for song requests, dancing along is a great way for them to unwind and release any stress.

5. Although it adds to the washing pile, letting your child get dirty in outdoor play is brilliant for children and most really enjoy it!

6. Museum / art exhibition visits are a no go at the moment but many attractions have the option of a virtual tour.

7. Ask your older child to solve a family problem, such as the the kitchen is constantly messy, what should we do about it? It encourages ownership and makes them feel important while contributing to their family.

8. If you have spare time try to get your child involved in cooking or DIY jobs around the house. It increases creative thinking and gives them practical skills.

9. A change of scenery in their bedroom, playroom can be easily and quickly achieved with our wall stickers and decals. With a huge collection across farms, fairies, unicorn magic, transport, animals or their favourite characters we have a wall sticker for all tastes! Click here to see all our collections