Introducing our new Scandi Nordic style decals!

Introducing our new Scandi Nordic style decals!

Introducing our new Scandi Nordic style decals!

Channel Your Inner Interior Decorator With These Scandi style Wall Stickers


The one thing that never goes out of style is minimalism.

With our range of classic wall sticker designs, your children can grow with their bedroom!

Our Scandi style decal designs suit both the moodiest of teenagers and the ficklest of children. This wall sticker art can be put up throughout the house without clashing with your own interior design vision.
Our Scandi Nordic style wall stickers compliment all shades of walls and add an element of excitement to your house.
You can mix and match these stickers on your walls to make your own individualised creation. You can decorate an entire room with these stickers or have a feature wall to add to the room’s elegance.
They take almost no time at all to put up and yet they immediately transform your room into a work of art. You can finally make your house look like something straight out of Pinterest!


Polka Dot Your Walls To A Masterpiece


Go for these fun and festive coloured polka dots to spice up your walls!
With pink, brown, and turquoise, these wall stickers suit every room in the house. For your little princess to add a special sparkle to her room or for your teen trying to make her room Instagram worthy, this wall art is for everyone!

 If you are looking for a more muted design, go for our pink, white, and blue polka dots wall stickers. This elegant design shines in your family room, playroom, or kitchen. Making your house fun for the whole family!


Add Some Love To Your Child’s Room

 Are you looking for something a little cute for your child’s room? Well, look no further than our heart wall stickers! These are available in gold hearts, white hearts, grey hearts, and pink hearts.

With their versatility you can make your own heart patterns and colour scheme, allowing your children to embrace their imagination and become their own interior decorators.


Sprinkle Some Stickers Onto Your Walls


If hearts aren’t really your style, go for these cute sprinkles designs!

They are available in a variety of colours including pink, yellow, grey, blue, and black. These sprinkles are perfect in every room, especially the nursery or playroom.

They will make all your kids bedtimes feel extra colourful for your children. It also works well in the bedroom of any child with a sweet tooth because their room will instantly feel like a candy shop!
And honestly what child wouldn’t want that?