How easy it is to decorate using Wall Decals!

How easy it is to decorate using Wall Decals!

How easy it is to decorate using Wall Decals!

Why Your Walls Need Wall Stickers For Kids!                

Half the fun of having children is getting to dress them up and getting in touch with your inner child through playing games together, buying toys, and designing their rooms.
As fun as it sounds in theory to design your child’s room to look like something straight off Pintrest, it can easily turn into a nightmare. We here at Wall Stickers for Kids understand the struggle and are here to help! With our huge selection of Wall Stickers, you can easily give your child the coolest, most original bedroom or playroom hassle-free.


Wall Art For Every Child’s Latest Obsession

We are Ireland’s multi-award winning online store for all removable wall decals and wall stickers for kids and home.
Here at Wall Stickers for Kids, we offer the largest range of wall stickers in Ireland for Boys Stickers, Girls Stickers, Nursery Wall Stickers, Glow in the Dark Stickers, Height Charts, Bathroom Decals, Home Decor Stickers and much, much more!
You can make any room in the house come alive through these wall murals. We carry hundreds of wall sticker designs, from superheroes to animals to graphics to fairies to sports. The best part is because they are so easily removable, you can simply change the design of a room whenever you get a new artistic urge.

The Ease of Wall Stickers

Unlike painting a mural on a wall for your children to enjoy, you can have the same result for a million times less hassle and money through our wall stickers. These wall stickers for kids are easily just peeled and stuck and voila! You now have a gorgeously decorated room in minutes that ever mother will be instantly jealous of.

We are based in Galway and operate from our large, modern warehouse where Wall Stickers For Kids offers you a friendly, fast and professional service with FREE delivery on orders over €20 in Ireland on your purchases. If you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact our team!

Step By Step Mural Application

  1. Prepare The Wall

Make sure that the surface is clean, smooth and free from dust.

  1. Plan Your Design

Layout your design before applying the stickers to ensure the end result will be what you expect.

  1. Apply Your Wall Stickers

Smooth on with your hand, working diagonally across the sticker from one corner to another. Smooth out creases and bubbles as you go along.